Meth Clean Up & Meth Lab Clean Up

NLR are specialists in meth residue clean up and meth lab clean up services throughout Brisbane and Sydney.

Unfortunately, if a meth user has smoked meth inside your property, there may be meth residue damage caused to surfaces throughout the property. This is a problem because the residue can off gas and cause negative health effects in those residing inside your property. In addition, it is the owner's responsibility to provide a safe home for the habitation of the tenant otherwise owners risk legal action. 

We understand this can be a difficult time for you as you navigate a solution. This is why we offer you a cost-effective method of cleaning the meth contamination. We use a proven system of cleaning the meth off surfaces which has been used in Australia and New Zealand for many years. The method applied uses a foaming detergent to dwell on the affected surfaces. We then use hot water on high pressure to clean down those surfaces. We will continually apply this method to the surfaces until the surfaces are within acceptable limits (as determined by a meth testing kit).

This method is by far more efficient than traditional scrubbing methods and detergents. In many cases, we can have the property decontaminated within 24 hours.

If you are interested, we can offer you a price estimate in Brisbane & Sydney. 

Meth Testing & Meth Inspections

Testing your property to confirm if your property is affected by meth is usually the first step toward clean up. We recommend you purchase a meth testing kit with 3 tests inside it so you can test several areas inside your property. If there is a positive result, we recommend you have a meth testing inspection carried out. This is where we can conduct testing throughout the property with lab analysis samples to determine the levels of meth though out. We can then create a report with a clean-up scope. It is this scope which can be used to create a quote for the meth clean-up work.