There are many competitors offering meth lab clean up services on the market now. The reason why our clients use us is because

  • Our meth testing is conducted by qualified industrial hygienists, restorers, and building biologists. You can be assured they are accurate and reflect correct results
  • We use chemical hydrogen peroxide foaming technology and hot water extraction truck-mounted machines to restore surfaces. This technology greatly reduces the labor and therefore cost involved in meth cleanups

Meth Lab Cleaning

Using Latest Technologies Save on Restoration Costs


Specialised Meth Testing Analysis


There is not specific Australian certification and governing standards relating specifically to meth cleaning in Australia. There is however guidelines produced by the Australian government which we follow called the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines.

In addition to following these guidelines, we also hold several differently cleaning, restoration, engineering and building certifications including

  • QBCC - Licence in project management
  • RIA - Restoration Industry Association
  • Engineers Australia

Clients We Service

  • Councils and Government - Public housing and housing commission homes. Our proven process is cost effective and can be applied on scale. Additionally we have regional teams who will travel to central QLD and NSW.
  • Residential Property Managers - Sometimes we will be required to conduct meth testing to confirm if there is contamination. We can then provide a quote and scope for decontamination from residue.
  • Home Owners - It can be devastating to find your rental property has been used as a meth lab or been contaminated due to tenants using the substance in the property. We can firstly provide a report and testing to confirm the extent of the damage. Then we can provide a quote for the clean up. Be assured that we use the most cost effective clean up latest technology processes to remove the contamination.

We are happy to provide free phone consultations to customers who would like ideas on pricing for the remediation for your property. Please call us today