How to clean a meth lab house

  • Step 1 - Securing the property - Nobody is to enter the building while police are clearing ht property. Personnel who enter should have had the necessary OHS training. Only after the property has been cleared, can the testing begin
  • Step 2 - The property should be adequately ventilated with fresh air. Air conditioning systems should not be switched on. Hepa Filtration Air SCrubber units can be used to purify the air of some contaminants before after or during the meth clean up remediation.
  • Step 3 - Meth Testing and Scoping - Meth testing services would generally include the use of an instant result meth test kit which is used to determine a positive result. If positive results are obtained, we can progress to lab analysis testing to inform us of the specific residue levels which exists on the surfaces.
  • Step 4 - Clean Up Plan - The cleanup plan should include the use of the correct cleaning methods of cleaning and restoration. Testing should confirm which surfaces can be remediated and which surfaces need to be replaced. A waste disposal plan should include the lawful disposal of waste.
  • Step 5 - Disposal of Contaminants - Waste is to be disposed of in concordance to relevant state laws.
  • Step 6 - Hepa Vacuum all surfaces. Some contaminants may sit on the surfaces and it is imperative to move this before detergent washing.
  • Step 7 - Initial Washing of Surfaces. When non-restorable contents have been removed, the surfaces can be washed with a detergent solution. Bleach is not recommended. We have a lot of questions to which chemical to use. The guidelines suggest a household all-purpose cleaner can be used, however, it can be difficult to achieve a pass in some situations. There are several different solutions and application methods on the market today which can achieve a post-remediation pass with much less time and effort.
  • Step 8 - Air Conditioning Split System and Duct Cleaning - Surfaces inside the HVAC system are to be tested to confirm the extent of the contamination. An HVAC cleaning company should be contracted to clean and test these ducts. A split system air conditioner can also be restored given the right chemicals and process.
  • Step 9 - Washing with Detergent - Do not use bleach as this is highly toxic. An all-purpose cleaner can be used. Walls may need to be thoroughly scrubber and rinsed with warm water until a positive result is achieved. Invest in some instant result meth test kits to test surfaces after the clean to confirm if negative results are achieved
  • Step 10 - Restoration or Affected Plumbing - A hygienist can recommend which plumbing is to be replaced and which pipes would need to be remediated.
  • Step 11 - Plastic Electrical Switches - Some electrical powerpoints and switches are to be replaced. Plastic can absorb meth residue easily and it is often cheaper to replace these switches and powerpoints then to try and restore them
  • Step 12 - Clearance Testing - An independent hygienist should be engaged to clear the property to confirm if the meth clean up has been completed to relevant standards.

Need Help With Meth Clean Up?

If you require a professional to meth test or clean up the contamination in your property please call a qualified professional today. NLR offers free quotes in Brisbane & Sydney if there is an adequate testing report provided to quote from. We also offer meth testing and meth testing & assessment as well.