How to Save money on the Meth Clean up

As mentioned, new chemical and foaming and flogging technologies exist to help reduce the labor in scrubbing and rinsing of walls. These new developments can also help save building materials deemed none recoverable with general-purpose cleaner. Check if the company which you are engaging is knowledgeable on these developments.

DIY test kits can be used to determine meth contamination throughout the property. If you achieve a negative result with these DIY test kits, there is no further action to be taken. However, please be aware that a professional would have better knowledge on where to take these tests. A nonqualified person may not be testing the right locations and therefore assume there is no meth residue when it does actually exist.

If you do choose to take on the remediation task yourself, there is an Australian guideline that can be followed. Be sure to follow all the safety steps and that the property is cleared by authorities first.

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The cost of cleaning a meth lab can vary between $5000 and beyond. Costs involved to restore the property include:

  • Meth Testing Hygienist - A Hygienist may need to test all areas of the property to confirm how far the contamination has spread throughout. A cleanup plan needs to be created for the cleanup process
  • Labour for the Cleanup - a house would be planned with a small team to remediate and clean all surfaces. The amount of time which needs to be spent on decontaminating the walls can be determined by the contamination levels and whether the walls have been painted over or not.
  • Materials - A Large amount of chemical needs to be used to effectively restore a meth house. There are several different solutions on the market today which can significantly reduce the labor time in the restoration. These chemicals would cost more than the alternative all-purpose cleaner.
  • Building Materials to Be Replaced - Some building materials deemed nonrecoverable by the hygienist will need to be replaced. These often include light switches and powerpoints as well as doors and some plumbing (drains etc)
  • Post Remediation Testing - after the remediation is complete a post remedial verification is to be completed by a third party hygienist.

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